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BONS 2017

Shannon & Scott

We like to travel, and generally love to bring our dogs with us. But when previous travel plans didn't allow us to bring Marley & Hope, we would have to make other arrangements for them to be looked was always a concern.

After Scott worked in a doggie daycare throughout college, our "passion project" soon evolved into our long-term career goal. With family in the area, and our affinity for animals our goal became clear. Create a beautiful space where both us, and our dogs could feel at home. After a few moves Middleton, was the perfect place to put our roots down. It was within this process that McGrupp's began to take shape.

We have tried to structure our facility so that it has something for every personality type...Lounges, for the lazy couch dwellers. Size specific playrooms, for those with a little more energy, a temperature regulated indoor park to be utilized everyday, but especially on cold/rainy days or hot steamy days. Our large outdoor space is segmented into two separate size specific runs, BOTH Marley (who has had TWO knee surgeries) and Hope, like the feel of the squishy pea gravel under their paws. We have given our overnight guests the option of Lodges or Suites for their stay, depending on their specific requirements. We are a cage and crate free facility, where our guests sleep in our custom built hotel rooms.

Whether it's a half day visit or a week long stay, our goal is the same... Provide a safe off-leash play zone, where dog parents can leave carefree.

Pets are family, bring your dog to McGrupp's and become a part of ours!

Our Dogs


Hi! I'm Marley, I'm a 12 year old Chocolate Lab. Some people say I am very wise for my age, my parents think I'm more of a con artist...

I spent most of my time in Portland, Oregon, it was pretty cool, I used to take swims in the river every day, chew on sticks and hike on my own a little bit. My family NOW lives in Middleton, and we love it here!

My sister has a lot of energy she keeps me young...BUT I really would rather just hang out. I like to take in the sun, and relax on one of my two huge dog beds. One of my most popular party tricks is 4 balls in my mouth at one time! It took a lot of practice... BUT I HAVE NAILED IT!!

I pretty much like whatever toy my sister is playing with at the time...But my MOST favorite is a big long elephant, that I got for Christmas.

Looking forward to hanging out on the couches with all my new friends at McGRUPP'S!!


Hi! I'm Hope, I am almost 5 years old. My mom rescued me, and they told her I was a cocker spaniel mix.

I have lived ALL OVER...New York City, Oregon, Boston & NOW Middleton!

I love kids, and my absolute favorite is, well...Anything that rolls! Tennis Balls, Baseballs, Golf Balls, pretty much any ball...

My Favorite Vacation was when we moved across the country and we got to stop at a lot of fun lakes, and scenic spots!

I am a VERY HAPPY girl, and I love my brother Marley very much! Looking forward to meeting and playing with all my new friends at McGRUPP'S!!

Meet the Team


Hello, my name is Mikayla and I am a daycare attendant here at McGrupp’s. I grew up in Middleton and I am currently a junior at Umass Dartmouth. I am majoring in English and Business but my true passion has always been animals. When I’m not at school I am at McGrupp’s or home spending time with my two cats, bird, hedgehog, and my Golden Retriever Brody. Although this is my first time working at a doggy daycare, I have been taking care of animals and walking dogs of all breeds and ages for years. McGrupp’s is a second home to all of us and our dogs are part of the family. Come on by. Brody and I would love to meet you!


Hi, I'm Sam! I am a daycare attendant here at Mcgrupps. I am currently attending Grooming school and will become one of the resident groomers at McGrupp's! I have the best job and love taking care of animals. I was raised in a household with everything from fish and hamsters to cats and dogs. After a year with McGrupp's and the doggie daycare life, I have learned so much and have had so much fun spending time with all your pups. I love taking care of and getting to know all of your lovely fur babies!


Hello, My name is Jobeth but everyone usually calls me Jo.  I've worked at McGrupp's for almost a year now and couldn't be happier being able to see and take care of your dogs everyday!!  I grew up with many dogs and have always known that I wanted to be surrounded by them my whole life.  Being able to spend time with them is the highlight of my day.  I look forward to meeting you and your pups!!


Hi, I'm Becca and I'm a daycare attendant at McGrupp's! I have grown up with animals my whole life. From fishes to pigs to dogs, I've had it all. I am currently in school to get my veterinary technology degree. My dreams don't stop there. I hope to go down south and help rescue dogs. I love working at McGrupp's because the dogs always put a smile on my face! I hope you come in soon so we can play and have some fun!


Hey, I'm Maggie. I have been a Daycare Attendant at McGrupp's for two years now. I was born and raised in Middleton! I am currently a senior at Mount Ida College. I will be Graduating this year with a degree in veterinary technology! My passion is working with animals! I started in middle school working at a horse barn. I took care of the horses as well as assisting in teaching riding lessons. After I moved on to college where I was on the Mount Ida equestrian team and enjoyed competed in the IHSA circuit! All while working at Mcgrupp’s. Where I feel so fortunate to go to work only to be showered by puppy kisses and an overwhelming amount of love! I believe every animal is a family member and should be treated as so! I have so much fun working with these Mcgrupp’s pups every day and look forward to meeting yours too!


Hello, my name is Shannon and I am a daycare attendant here at McGrupp’s. I live and grew up in Topsfield and am currently going to school for interior design. As a kid I was constantly around dogs, and I have two dogs of my own who I sometimes bring with me to daycare. I also have three rats and two lizards that I have to take care of. When I’m not working I’m either drawing, painting, or in the pottery studio. I am new to the team, but already feel right at home. Coming in and seeing the pups really brightens my day and I look forward to working with your pup!


Hi my name is Taylor! I've been a daycare attendant at McGrupps for well over a year now. I was born and raised in Peabody and attended Peabody high school where I took the cosmetology program and graduated with high honors. Immediately I got my license when I graduated. I work at McGrupps Monday's and Tuesday's and the rest of the week I'm a full time hairdresser. I've grown up with animals my whole life and I have so much love for any and all animals! I'm so happy I found McGrupps as my part time job, Being able to spend time with your pups no matter what size and what breed keeps a huge smile on my face!


Hi! My name is Serena and I'm a daycare attendant here at McGrupps. Even though I'm the newest member of the McGrupps family, it feels like I've been here for years! My whole life I've had dogs, and have been involved in volunteering and fundraising for MSPCA and local shelters. Dogs are very in-tune and extraordinary animals, and I plan to go to school to be a dog trainer. If you dream of a happy and tired dog, Mcgrupps is the place to go! I look forward to meeting all of you and your pups!


Hello, my name is Molly and I am a day care attendant here at Mcgrupp’s. I am currently attending Merrimack College for international Business. I have always grown up with dogs and love surrounding myself with them.To me them and play is always a great time for me to enjoy the personalities of all the dogs around! I am so happy to be here and play with all your furry friends,Can't wait to meet them!


Hi, I'm Hannah! I've been a daycare attendant here at McGrupps since early December. I am currently a junior at Salem State University, studying Art and Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I've had dogs all my life, and currently have a beagle mix named Rocky. The dogs and the people at McGrupps always brighten my day, and it has become like my second home. I look forward to seeing each and every one of your pups when I walk into work! When I'm not there or attending class, I like to horseback ride, go on hikes with my boyfriend and my beagle, and sketch portraits of people and animals.


Hi! My name is Julia and I am a daycare attendant here at McGrupp’s. I am currently a freshman at Westfield State University with an undeclared major. I started at McGrupp's on a strictly voluntary basis and then it progressed to a month long internship. After quickly falling in love with all the pups, I soon landed myself a job on the welcoming Mcgrupp’s team. Working here has shown me that every dog has their own unique story. I look forward meeting you, your pup and your pups story!